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Spa & Body

In our spa area, you can fully relax as your body, mind and soul become more balanced, leaving you absolutely comfortable. Our treatments support the regeneration of your personal energies. Our holistic approach improves your well-being in general and balances your system. Just dive in and look forward to ideal relaxation in a calm and clean atmosphere.

You would like to book a treatment? – please contact us before your stay in order to make an appointment.

Our Spa

The spa area offers excellent relaxation for anyone. Our Finnish sauna will make you sweat and our infra-red cabin radiates a gentle warmth. The comfortable relaxation room is very calm and pleasant.


Feel fully rested when you get back from your vacation! Massages and manual treatments help you relax and calm your mind. Professional beauty treatments provide a healthy complexion and a fresh, young look.


Our exercise machines will keep you young and fit and independent from the weather. The gentle training is suitable for athletes of all ages and makes sense for anyone who would like to improve their overall fitness.

Cosmetics & Foot Care

Our beauty treatments are nourishing for the entire person and are soothing for your body, mind and soul. They give you everything you need to become more happy and to regain your glow.

Hot-Stone Treatments

The fascinating stone treatment provides a holistic improvement of our customers’ and guests’ wellbeing. Especially nowadays it is very important to address body, mind and soul as parts of one system.


The full-body feel-good massage will pamper you from head to toe. A foot massage can both activate and relax you. Our exotic sound massage also provides pleasant moments.

Wellness Concepts

Spa concepts for relaxation and pampering: Fasting cure, cranio-sacral therapy as well as: Wiedemann homoeocomplex regeneration therapy, infusion therapy, neural therapy.

…and many more.

HERBAL SPA Feeling, Sung Rei, medical pedicure, magnetic field therapy, Chi machine

Leisure Activities & Information

For Your Vacation at the Landhotel Huber


Forget about your everyday worries in the sauna or during one of our relaxing spa treatments. Gentle massages, refreshing beauty treatments and many other special offers will provide the perfect conditions for you to feel comfortable.


We always come up with something special for holidays and other occasions. Why not get some information about our offers right away and visit us soon.

Our Team

Look forward to our friendly and well-trained staff at the Landhotel Huber am See. Our young and highly motivated team will welcome you with genuine hospitality and everything you need to feel comfortable and happy.