Our terms and conditions

The hotel makes the rooms available on the day of arrival from 2 p.m.; they are to be vacated by 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure and handed over to reception with the room key. A non-written reservation (by telephone, in person) by the customer is considered a “firm reservation” and is subject to the cancellation conditions of point 2!

2. The cancellation of an event/room is free of charge possible up to 8 weeks before the start, after that the following costs arise:
8-6 weeks before arrival 20% of the price
6-4 weeks before arrival 40% of the price
4-2 weeks before arrival 60% of the price If you cancel 2 weeks before arrival up to the day of arrival, we will charge 80% of the agreed room price / event price.
Exception: If the hotel is able to rent out the unused services to someone else, the guest/organizer will not incur any cancellation costs for these services.

3. Up to the The declaration of withdrawal (cancellation) must have been received by the hotel in writing by the aforementioned dates. A withdrawal limited to certain days or periods is no longer possible after the specified dates.

4. The number of participants specified by the guest/organizer when making the reservation is binding for both parties. Up to 14 days before arrival, a free reduction of up to 10% is possible, under 14 days up to 5% of the originally booked arrangement. For further reductions of the arrangement, the cancellation costs according to point 2 apply. If reserved rooms are not occupied, you will be charged 100% of the costs.

5. A list of names must be sent to the hotel no later than 2 weeks before arrival. Unless an arrival time has been expressly agreed and this has been confirmed in writing, the hotel reserves the right to rent reserved hotel rooms to other people after 7 p.m. if necessary.

6. Will If hotel rooms or other services are reserved on an option basis, the hotel can freely dispose of them after the option period has expired without consultation.

The costs are cash on departure or with an EC card ,Visa or Mastercard to be paid. The hotel can demand a reasonable advance payment, which the hotel determines, from the customer and/or the jointly and severally liable third party.

8. a.) The hotel endeavors to carry out wake-up calls with the greatest care.
b.) Messages, mail and goods consignments intended for the customer are treated with care; the hotel takes care of safekeeping, delivery and – if requested for a fee – forwarding.
c.) Any items left behind by the customer will only be forwarded at the request, risk and expense of the customer. Otherwise, the hotel will store the items for a period of 6 weeks.
d.) The hotel assumes no liability for items 8 a)-8 c). Any liability is excluded.

9. In the event of force majeure (fire, power failure, etc.) or other obstacles for which the hotel is not responsible, in particular those beyond the hotel’s control, the hotel reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without the customer being entitled to claim damages, for example.

10. The organizer (guest) has unlimited liability for damage or loss caused by his employees, assistants or event participants during the contract period as well as for loss or damage caused by himself, unless the damage is the responsibility of the hotel is located. In order to prevent damage to the walls, the attachment of decorative material or other items must be agreed with the hotel in advance. The customer guarantees that the decorative material in particular meets the fire safety requirements.

11. Newspaper advertisements, other advertising measures and publications that are related to the hotel and/or the invitation, for example for job interviews or sales events require the written consent of the hotel. If the event is published without the hotel’s consent and the hotel’s interests are adversely affected as a result, the hotel can cancel the event. In this case, the cancellation conditions of point 2 apply, which the organizer has to pay to the hotel.

12. If the hotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the event will affect the smooth business operations, threatens to endanger the security or the reputation of the hotel, the hotel can cancel the event. (see point 11)

13. The customer may not bring food and drinks to the events. In special cases, a written agreement can be made about this; in any case, the hotel will charge the applicable service fee

14. Should the organizer change the course of the event that was discussed and laid down in writing without notifying the hotel, or should the number of participants increase from 100 people. by 10% (for weddings, meetings, etc.) of the fixed number of people ordered, the hotel accepts no liability for the smooth running of the event. If the number of people ordered falls short, billing will be based on the number of participants specified in writing when making the reservation, if the number of people is higher, on the basis of the actual number of participants.

15. Place of performance is for both parties the location of the hotel. Place of jurisdiction is Munich. The general terms and conditions are an integral part of the accommodation and catering contract and can only be changed in writing by mutual agreement. Verbal agreements are not valid. Any terms and conditions of the customer are not recognized.

16. Hotel arrangements and packages are only available if booked before the start of your stay.

Landhotel Huber on Lake Starnberg
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